How Much Does a Yard of Mulch Cost?

Are you looking to install new mulch in your flower beds or edible gardens? Mulching is a great way to protect and nourish the soil, prevent weeds from growing, and keep moisture in. But before starting your project, it’s crucial to understand how much mulch you need for the job—and, more importantly, how much it will cost. 

This blog post will walk through calculating mulch volume and estimate what one yard of mulch might cost. Read on and improve your mulch installation!

How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Before we dive into prices and calculations, we need to steer clear “How much mulch Is needed?” In most cases, 1/2 inch of mulch is ideal for most flower beds or gardens. However, the amount of mulch needed can vary depending on what type of material you are using and the water needs of your plants.

How Does Mulch Volume Work?

Mulch is usually sold in bags or cubic yards. Most of these bags hold two to three cubic feet, and a cubic yard will cover an area of 324 square feet (using a 1/2-inch depth). If you need more coverage, multiply your square footage by the depth to determine the cubic feet of mulch you need. 

For example, if you want to cover a 10-foot by 20-foot area with 2 inches of mulch, you’ll need 80 cubic feet (10 x 20 = 400 square feet; 400 x 2 = 800 cubic feet).

How Do You Calculate Mulch Prices?

The mulch cost can vary significantly depending on the type, quantity, and supplier. Generally, prices range from $2 to $8 per cubic foot. So if you’re covering an area that requires 80 cubic feet of mulch, you’ll pay between $160 to $640 (depending on the type and mulch quality).

Mulch prices vary according to multiple factors and the market. The best way to achieve a reliable estimate is to calculate the area by yourself and contact a mulch supplier to get a price quote. This will help you compare prices and choose the right type of mulch for your needs. 


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