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Taking care of a yard or garden goes beyond watering and fertilizing. To achieve a healthy-looking lawn or garden, mulch installation, and maintenance are essential factors. At Bella Mulch, we understand how difficult it can be to figure all this out independently. However, we believe you shouldn’t stress about things you can delegate. In this case, we’re your best option.

With more than 10 years of experience, many services, and different mulch types, Bella Mulch stands out from other mulch suppliers. We understand your need for high-quality products and services, so we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Our team of professionals is skilled in providing residential, commercial, playground, and mulch installation in Bluffton, SC. Contact us!



How We Can Serve You

Bella Mulch in North Bluffton, SC, specializes in mulch services. We have the latest equipment, and our hoses can reach up to 200 feet, making all projects easier for us. Get to know our services:

  • Residential Mulch: At Bella Mulch, we provide you with the best mulching services for your residential projects. We can make your garden look blooming and provide your yard with a neat, healthy look.
  • Commercial Mulch: We understand that commercial projects require special attention due to their size and complexity. We offer excellent products for these types of services and strive to give you the best customer service throughout our partnership with landscapers.
  • Playground Mulch: We provide our clients with high-quality mulch for playgrounds. Our products are safe and great for play areas. This allows children to run around without getting injured by rocks, roots, or other debris.
  • Wholesale Mulch: We also offer mulch in bulk for wholesale. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best quality and service, so contact us today if you need large quantities of mulch!


The Types Of Mulch We Offer That’ll Benefit Your Soil

Mulch is meant to protect and benefit your soil. We offer different types of mulch, all made with natural wood fibers! These are the ones you can get from Bella Mulch:

  • Brown Mulch: This is the most commonly used mulch color. It’s made of natural wood fibers and has a light brown tone. Brown mulch adds warmth and depth to your garden or yard, making them look vibrant!
  • Red Mulch: This mulch has a deep red color that stands out from the rest. Red mulch is perfect for gardens, vegetable patches, and yards. It’ll give them an interesting look!
  • Black Mulch: Black mulch is excellent for making your garden look bold and modern. It adds definition and texture to the landscape, making your yard stand out from the rest!
  • Mini Pine Bark Nuggets: These are perfect for gardens and flower beds. They help to enhance the colors of your plants, making them look even more beautiful!


Don’t Miss The Chance Of Getting The Best Mulch Installation In Bluffton

Are you looking for professional mulch installation? Say no more! Bella Mulch, located in North Bluffton, SC, offers excellent services for residential, commercial, and playground projects. Don’t miss the chance to get the best mulch installation in town! Our professional team will ensure your lawn looks neat, healthy, and beautiful.

Bella Mulch has been in business for many years, offering high-quality products and services. Our team has the latest mulch-blowing equipment with hoses reaching 200 feet, making projects easier and faster. Get in touch today to get a quote!


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