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 Are you a landscaper in search of top-notch mulch? Look no further than the experts at Bella Mulch! We are your premier mulch supplier. Not only is our mulch built to last, but it also offers numerous benefits for gardens and lawns alike. 

We proudly grind and color our product to guarantee its excellence. Moreover, if you’re seeking IPEMA-certified playground mulch, we have that too!

Get the mulch you need in three steps: contact us, specify your order amount, and we’ll estimate. From there, Bella Mulch’s experts will deliver it to your door! We install all our mulch with our powerful equipment for professionalism and efficiency. For all your quality mulching needs – trust no one else but the professionals at Bella Mulch. We are your landscape supply company, ready to serve you.

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At Bella Mulch, we understand that our customers have different needs, which is why we are proud to offer a wide selection of mulches. From IPEMA-certified playground mulch and red-colored mulch to a diverse range of other options, you can find exactly the kind you need from us!

Brown Mulch

Brown mulch complements your garden and landscape, displaying beautiful contrast against the plants. Not only does it look attractive – but it’s also beneficial for your garden’s health! It helps retain moisture and regulate temperature, prevents pests from entering, and has many other benefits.

Red Mulch 

If you’re looking for a powerful splash of color, consider red mulch to give your outdoor space an extra wow factor. Not only is it resistant to weeds and insects, but its warmth and beauty add up to unparalleled curb appeal. Invest in stunning red mulch today and watch as your landscape transforms into something truly remarkable!

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Black Mulch 

If you’re looking for a modernized look in your landscaping, black mulch provides just that. Whether for residential or commercial properties, this particular mulch will surely attract attention and admiration from all who pass by. Upgrade your landscape now with the stylishness of black mulch to give your outdoor space an added contemporary effect!

Mini Pine Bark Nuggets 

Mini pine nuggets mulch is an ideal selection for landscaping projects due to its varied benefits.

Not only does it provide exceptional protection for the soil, but it helps retain moisture and promote earthworm activity and decomposition. By suppressing weed growth, shielding from extreme temperatures, and contributing a pleasant aesthetic to your landscape design- this type of mulch should not be overlooked!

IPEMA Certified Playground Mulch 

When looking for playground mulch, it’s best to settle only for the highest quality. That is why our IPEMA-certified mulch at Bella Mulch makes perfect sense – not just because of its splinter-free nature and cushioning capabilities ideal for parks and swing sets but also due to its unbeatable elegance!

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Are you searching for wholesale mulch suppliers?. With a decade of experience supplying quality mulch to residential, commercial, and municipal clients, Bella Mulch is the trusted choice for superior service. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has earned us 5-star reviews from our loyal customers. We are committed to providing only the best products by grinding and coloring all of our mulch–and we stand behind every purchase. Plus, you don’t have to lift a finger; call us for an estimate, and we’ll deliver straight to your door! Shopping with Bella Mulch is as effortless as it gets! Interested in wholesale mulch? We offer affordable prices! We are your mulch supplier dedicated to getting the results you want. 


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