Top Quality Wholesale Mulch in Bluffton, SC

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As a professional landscaper or contractor, you know, mulch is an important feature for landscapes. When it comes to buying bulk landscape supplies, you want to feel secure that the product you’re acquiring is top quality.  

At Bella Mulch, we believe you should feel confident you’re providing your customers safe and good looking mulch. We grind and color our wholesale mulch so you can have this certainty. We’re long run professionals in wholesale landscape supply in Bluffton, SC, at competitive prices. 


Professional Grade Mulch at Wholesale Prices 

We’ve been helping contractors to enhance landscapes since the foundation of Bella Mulch by Brett Kelley in 2012. At Bella Mulch, we’re a company that prides itself in the service we deliver and the quality of our product. Here’s how our process works to get wholesale landscape supply:

  • CONTACT US: Let us know which product and service you need us to provide. 
  • TELL HOW MUCH YOU NEED: Whether it is a large or small project, give us the details and we’ll provide you with an estimate.
  • GET IT DELIVERED: We will supply as much mulch as you need straight to your location. 

Our ethical pillars are to handle every project with integrity, accuracy, resilience and proactive communication. 

How to Upgrade Your Outdoors with Wholesale Mulch

Mulch protects gardens and outdoors helping them prosper while keeping them in pleasant conditions. At Bella Mulch we have a variety of options to fit your project you can choose from:

  • Brown Mulch

The hardwood composition suppresses weed growth and retains moisture in the soil.

  • Red Mulch

This variety adds on the decorative touch to highlight any garden or landscape. 

  • Black Mulch

The darkness of this variety adds on the depth of any exterior aesthetic. Shrugs, flower beds, trees will stand out!

  • Mini Pine Bark Nuggets

They help control weeds and retain moisture while improving the quality of the soil. 

Our products are 100% eco-friendly and natural. Your clients will enjoy their thriving outdoors. 

Certified Wholesale Mulch for Playgrounds

We know that as the responsible contractor you are, you pay special attention to playgrounds. At Bella Mulch, we understand the importance of keeping our children safe and free of harm. We offer IPEMA – certified playground mulch to give children the freedom to explore and imagine through play. 

Create Perfect Landscaping Projects in Bluffton, SC

If you’re looking to buy bulk landscape supplies, don’t hesitate to contact the mulch experts in Bluffton, SC. Give your customers the beautiful landscapes they aim for while being savvy in your investment. 

At Bella Mulch, our years of experience have taught us that wholesale mulch quality makes the difference. You can achieve stunning outdoors at a convenient price when buying our bulk mulch


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